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Classic Wedding Bronze Package

6,750.00 DKK


This package is designed for couples who would like a professional wedding photo coverage for the most important parts of a Classic Wedding Day. This option is best suited for covering the Wedding Ceremony and a 1.5 hours Private Photo Session for the bride & groom.

The structure of this package is a suggestion, and can be customized in different ways, according to your wishes.

Classic Wedding Bronze Package covers and includes

+ 1 professional wedding photographer

+ 2 hours planning:

  • 1 hour meeting face-2-face or via Skype
  • 1 hour writing The Wedding Photography Itinerary based on your wedding schedule and discussions.

+ 1 hour photographer transport time (30 min forth / 30 min back covering zone 1 & 2 of Copenhagen)

+ 4 hours photo coverage:

  • 30 min before the Wedding Ceremony – our professional wedding photographer arrives  30 minutes. before the wedding ceremony, and takes mood pictures in / at the church.
  • 1 hour  at the Wedding Religious Ceremony
  • 30 min – After The Ceremony we make moods outside the church where you are congratulated by guests and throwing rice etc.
  • 1.5 hours Private Photo Session for the Bride & Groom at a location selected and decided during the planning of Wedding Photography Itinerary
  • 30 min buffer time (ex. transportation time to the location for Private Photo Session of Bride & Groom, small delays, group picture preparation etc)

+ 8 post-working hours on:

  • Selection of the best 150 photographs
  • Professional editing and retouching of the best 150 digital photographs
  • Delivery, post-communication time
  • Other tasks related to the points from above.

+ 150 the best digital photographs, edited and retouched in our artistic style. These 150 pictures are selected by the photographer.

+ A smart, beautiful online gallery is created from which you can download and share the photos you want with family and friends – this gallery will be online for 1 month


The structure of the Photo Coverage can be adapted on your schedule and and wishes during discussions and planning.for the The Wedding Photography Itinerary.

It is important that we spend at least 1.5 hour for Private Photo Session for the Bride & Groom! We must “have you for ourselves” for this period of time.

If the locations are outside of zone 1 and zone 2 of Copenhagen, additional time and transport fees will apply.

If you have any questions on inquiries regarding our packages, further extensions or adaptations for your reception, dinner or party, a different location or any other desire, just let us know and we will happily find a plan and a solution for your imagination!

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