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Express Videography Silver Package

3,800.00 DKK

This option is for those who want more by capturing not only their Express Wedding Ceremony but also their intimate love through artistic wedding portraits in a 1 hour Private Video Session for Bride & Groom in and around the charmful City Hall of Copenhagen or around the Ceremony location. The videographer will focus on the emotional moments before, during and after the ceremony and after he will guide you for poses and compositions which shows the romance of your connection.

The structure of this package is a suggestion, and can be customized in different ways, according to your wishes.

Silver Package for Express Weddings covers and includes:

+ 1 h planning and discussions via Skype / email / face-2-face

+ 0.5 hours videographer transport time (15 min forth / 15 min back)

+ 2.5 hours coverage:

  • 30 min before the Wedding Ceremony
  • 10 min at the Wedding Ceremony
  • 20 min after the Ceremony
  • 1 hour Private Video Session for the Bride & Groom inside of the Copenhagen City Hall & Garden or close by location (10 – 15 min walking – we can help with suggestions)
  • 30 min buffer time (eg. walk time to the location of Private Video Session of Bride & Groom, small delays, group picture preparation etc)

+ 4.5 hours of song selection, editing, sound design, color grading and delivery by videographer & communication time

+ Approximately 4 minutes long video montage exported in Full HD resolution (1080p)


The structure of the Video Coverage can be adapted on your schedule and and wishes during discussions and planning for the Videography Itinerary.

It is important that we spend at least 1 hour for Private Video Session for the Bride & Groom! We must “have you for ourselves” for this period of time.

If the locations are outside of zone 1 and zone 2 of Copenhagen, additional time and transport fees will apply.

If you have any questions on inquiries regarding our packages, further extensions or adaptations for your reception, dinner or party, a different location or any other desire, just let us know and we will happily find a plan and a solution for your imagination!

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